· Great for cardio exercise 
· PVC rope 9' 6" length
· Embossed logo plastic handles
· Quality ball bearing handle
· Non-adjustable

Engineered for: Speed
Level: Basic Training - Level I

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From: $9.99
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Customer Reviews

  1. More adjustable than the description…
    How many stars?
    Ok, so scratch that last review.
    With a bit of determination this IS an adjustable rope.
    I put one of the handles front-end-into a teacup of boiling water to soften the plastic and then took it out and tugged hard on the rope near where it connects to the handle.
    Then, with a pair of pliers, I pried open the folded washer holding the rope length, adjusted it to where I needed, cut the extra length off and reconnected it with a bit of a bang on top of a breadboard.
    I’m confident it’s solidly back in place and had a skip to confirm it’s good to go.
    So, if you’re not particularly tall, you’ll be all sorted in about five minutes! Good luck and enjoy this good rope with nice handles and a good mechanism

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  2. Useless unless you’re a giant.
    How many stars?
    So frustrating to not be able to adjust this. My partner bought it for me and I am at least a foot too short (at 167cm so I’m not a short woman) but there is not a shorter alternative.
    It even comes in pink for all the giant women out there.
    The mechanism looks great so if you’re super tall you’ll love it.
    If you’re not, you’ll struggle with how many knots you need just to make it workable.

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