Meet Jason Whateley, a Commonwealth Games Medalist and elite Everlast athlete, who's making waves in the boxing world with his unbeatable 10-0 fight record. At Everlast HQ, we were eager to gain insight into what drives this champion and what wisdom he can share with our community. So, we sat down with Jason for an exclusive interview to learn about his journey, motivation, and training tips. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with one of the sport's rising stars!

What’s your hottest training tip for the new year?
Train your mind as well as your body to achieve your best results.
Always push your body to its limits during training and give yourself the right recovery afterwards to go again the next day.

How does boxing benefit your health?
Boxing training is a great workout for the whole body, it elevates your heart rate and will burn a lot of calories.
The cardio fitness you gain with boxing is fantastic, while also building strength in your upper body, your core and even your legs with skipping and footwork drills.
It’s also great for your mental wellbeing - no matter what is going on outside the gym, you always leave feeling refreshed and a lot happier.

What’s your go-to healthy meal?
Steak and green vegetables such as broccoli and potato for some carbs. 

What keeps you motivated?
I believe setting goals is extremely important. For me it’s fights and fight dates.
When i don’t have fights i will give myself fitness goals to achieve each week. 

What/Who inspires you?
I draw inspiration from people I see working hard and dedicating themselves to their craft. It inspires me to do the same. 

An inspirational quote you live by?
I have it tattooed on my wrist as a daily reminder - it’s a basic one, but means a-lot to me.
“Never surrender” by that I mean never give up, if you fall pick yourself up and go again.
I had it tattooed on me after qualifying for the Olympic Games against the odds. 

Stay up to date with Jason on his socials @jwhateley_boxer