Brand Collective's social and ethical compliance code is founded on values of fairness, integrity accountability, sustainability and respect. These values are encompassed in all that we do and further more govern the brands growth.

Labour and human rights

Brand Collective places a high level of importance on delivering high quality products and recognizes the critical role of our suppliers within this process. Brand Collective adheres to an Ethical Sourcing Code which complies with human rights and social justice standards. In turn all of our operations including those of our suppliers are committed to ensuring labour and human rights are respected and ethical behaviours are enforced. To ensure all our products are ethically sourced and manufactured our factories must comply with all of the below statements:

  • Employees must meet the minimum age requirement;
  • Employee working hours and overtime legislation must be complied with;
  • Employee wages must meet the minimum requirement;
  • Employees work within a healthy and safe environment;
  • Factories enforce an anti-discrimination policy;
  • Factories adhere to environmental and occupational health and safety standards.

All businesses within Brand Collective conduct regular factory audits ensuring all suppliers are compliant with our code of conduct. If we find any evidence of unethical or non-compliance to minimum standards we take action by ceasing to place future orders with that company until they prove their standards are at required levels. If they fail to prove this, then we cease supply.

In addition:

  • Designworks (the business within Brand Collective that sources products from Bangladesh) is also a signatory to the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety;


Brand Collective is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, a scheme established by the Federal Government in conjunction with the governments of the states and territories for the reduction of packaging waste and the promotion of increased use of recycling materials.

Animal Welfare

Brand Collective and all its businesses have a policy of not using fur, angora or mulesed wool. For Brand Collective's Ethical Sourcing Policy, please click here.