Find Your Perfect Glove Size:
A Guide to Measuring Your Hand.

size chart

Boxing is a game of precision, and your gloves play a pivotal role in your performance. That's why finding the right size glove is crucial. At Everlast, we offer six different glove sizes to ensure you can find the perfect fit. But how do you know which size is right for you when shopping online? We've created a simple guide to help you measure the size of your hand using just a piece of string.

Follow these easy steps to find your perfect glove size:

Step 1: Get a Piece of String

Find a flexible, non-stretchy piece of string. This will be used to measure your hand.

Step 2: Position Your Hand

Open your hand and extend your fingers, keeping them together. Lay your hand flat on a surface.

Step 3: Measure Your Hand

Place one end of the string at the base of your thumb (where your thumb joins your hand). Wrap the string around the back of your hand, over the knuckles and back to the starting point at the base of your thumb.

Step 4: Mark the String

Mark the point where the string meets the end that you held at the base of your thumb.

Step 5: Measure the String

Straighten the string and measure it against a ruler to find the circumference of your hand in centimetres.

Step 6: Match Your Measurement to the Everlast Glove Sizes

Refer to the Everlast glove size chart to find your perfect fit. If your hand circumference is near the top of the size range, consider moving to the next size for a comfortable fit.

Remember, the perfect fit for your boxing gloves should be snug but not too tight. The gloves should provide enough room for your hand wraps and offer the right balance of comfort and support.

No more guessing games! Now you can confidently choose your perfect Everlast boxing glove size for maximum comfort and performance. Browse our extensive collection of boxing gloves here and get ready to deliver your best punches yet!

Happy boxing!