How to clean your gloves


Boxing gloves, like anything you use often, need to be maintained to make sure you get the most out of your workouts. We know that cleaning equipment isn't as easy as cleaning your gym clothes, so we pulled together easy and applicable advice from the professionals to help you take care of your gear!

Here are our top tips (straight from Everlast HQ) on how to keep your gloves lasting longer:

1. Wipe off sweat and residue with your gym towel

Did you know our sweat is highly acidic? High acidity means materials inside and on the surface of your gloves break down faster, leading to tears, peeling, and the dreaded loss of padding. As soon as you have finished your boxing session, wipe down your boxing gloves with a damp towel to ensure that as little sweat as possible gets absorbed into the fabric of the gloves.

2. Use antibacterial wipes or spray

We recommend having some antibacterial wipes or spray available to immediately wipe down the exterior of your boxing gloves after a sweaty session. This will kill any bacteria on your gloves and keep them clean.

3. Open up & air out

Once your boxing gloves have been cleaned, allow them to fully dry in a room with plenty of ventilation or using a fan. This is essential as bacteria will increase in boxing gloves if they are left damp.

Time to get cleaning.. Or time to buy a new pair of gloves?